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Several methods to distinguish the pros and cons of the electric balance car motor

2021-10-11 10:58:14

The motor is like the "heart" of an electric balance scooter. The same set of 12AH36V lead-acid batteries can run 10-16 kilometers longer with a good-quality and high-efficiency motor. Therefore, you must pay attention to choosing high-quality accessories when purchasing an electric balance scooter. So how can we distinguish the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors?

Since the motor is sealed, if it is fundamentally judged whether it is good or bad, a certain external tool, such as a multi-word meter, is needed. In addition to using professional tools, you can also judge from appearance materials and general performance. The above methods can be simply summed up as: one listening, two watching, three touching four detections.

One listen: listen to motivation. During the test drive, consumers can check whether the power is sufficient when starting with a load. If the power is not sufficient, it is possible to cut corners on the motor coil.

Second look: look at the shell. The motor that is done with the outer electroplating work generally has a brighter appearance, and the refurbished machine is gray and dim. You can also look at the motor trademark. Generally, the larger manufacturers value the development of the brand and will mark it, which is a manifestation of brand quality. Finally, you can see whether the motor has 3C certification, and the motor that meets the industry specifications will be more secure.

Three touches: Touch the temperature. After the motor stops, consumers can feel the temperature of the motor by hand. The lower the temperature, the better the heat dissipation of the motor and the better the performance.

Four detection: detection resistance. 1. Check whether the AC three-phase motor is good or bad. Shake the meter, just use a 500V shake meter. Shake the insulation resistance of the wires on the three terminals to the motor shell. Above 0.5M ohms, it means that there is no short circuit to the ground. 2. Multimeter test: test whether the resistance between A/B/C three phases is equal. The greater the value difference, the worse the motor performance. And the greater the motor power, the smaller the resistance! But it can't be 0 ohms for all three phases, unless it is a particularly large motor such as 50KW or more, but this current electric vehicle application can be said to be non-existent.

At present, there are mainly three kinds of motors used in electric balance vehicles:

(1) Brushed high-speed motor. The motor has high efficiency, strong overload climbing ability, large starting torque, and output power after deceleration through a variable speed gear device, which is noisy.

(2) Brushless low-speed motor. There is no reduction gear device, which has the advantages of maintenance-free and no noise. But the controller is complicated, the starting current is large, and the overload climbing ability is poor.

(3) Brushed low-speed motor, no reducer gear device, simple structure, low cost, poor starting uphill overload capacity, and high power consumption.

Because the brushed high-speed motor has a high speed (3000 rpm for high-speed motor, 500 rpm for low-speed motor), it needs to be decelerated by a reduction gear device to output large torque power, so its noise is relatively larger than that of low-speed motor. The production process of high-speed motors is more complicated than low-speed motors, and the cost is high. Like some famous brand electric balance cars, high-speed motors are often used. In order to reduce costs, low-speed motors should be used for miscellaneous cars, low-end cars, and assembled cars. When you buy an electric balance car, don’t make mistakes because the sound of the motor is a little louder. Users should pay more attention when buying a car. Don’t because the motor is noiseless and wear-free Fortunately, the main indicators of the motor are motor efficiency and power. The biggest weakness of low-speed motors is the low efficiency of the motor, the magnet is easy to demagnetize, the weight is heavy, the power is poor, the riding is weak, and the power consumption is large. At present, the brands of electric balance scooter are particularly mixed. Most of the brands are from small and medium-sized enterprises. If you want to buy an electric balance scooter, please consult carefully and choose carefully.