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How to choose the right motor for the balance car?

2021-12-13 08:38:48

The motor of a balance scooter can be said to be the "big heart" of a balance scooter. Its motor power is directly related to the riding experience, such as speed-up performance and passing ability. So when choosing a balance scooter, how to look at its motor is also A very important subject.

Nowadays, well-known brand manufacturers of balance bikes will use a combination of brushless motors and imported batteries. This will be marked in the manual, such as higher power, higher speed, higher climbing angle, etc. You must take a closer look.

The higher speed of the balance car

Due to safety considerations, the current balance car speed cannot exceed 18Km/h, so manufacturers often have this limitation during production. In other words, when the system detects that the speed reaches the preset limit, it will automatically reduce the speed. After all, safety comes first! But this speed limit can actually be cracked. You can search for cracked software on Baidu, or adjust the speed according to the official APP.

Many friends will ask, is there any relationship between the higher speed of the balance bike and the climbing angle? This doesn't matter much, because higher speed is directly related to power.

Motor power of balance car

At present, most of the common power of balance cars on the market are between 500-1000W, and the climbing ability is often about 10-20 degrees. As for the higher power, such as 2000w and 3000W, there are also balance cars.

But from the perspective of safety, the higher the power, the better, but the higher the speed, the better, because the balance bike is not the same thing as bicycles, electric vehicles, etc., so if the speed is too fast, it will be prone to throwing on the street. Therefore, friends who do not have certain experience should not easily crack the speed.

In short, how to choose the balance car motor and its power. I suggest that the motor power of the balance car motor is 500W and the climbing is about 18 degrees, so that its speed will stabilize at about 15km/h, which is completely satisfactory in the city. Ride normally on the road.