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Client from Arsenal Truck visit our company

2021-10-11 10:38:46

We were very happy today to played host to clients from  Arsenal Truck Manufacturing Company.

The first identify was to talk about the customer’s motor needs and quantity. Everything was going well during the meeting time. Secondly, we showed the client around our factory. Then main visit was the motor assembled line and formal standardization of production process, specification of operation site. The client gave a good evaluation about the whole production line and he had been praised very well. Due to our engineer’s accompaniments, we dealt with all the questions and the client also took a lot of hub motor photos. At the same time, he always praised the displays of product lines.

After visiting the factory, we spent a pleasant lunch time with clients. During the time, we discussed about his family, children, country and living habits. We also told the story of our lives with the same habits, family. I found through the discussion, we had been close a lot.

After lunch, we sent customers away. After returning to the company, we sort out all the issues referred to in the process. Hope later to further cooperation.